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You can request personalized quotes starting from a computer seen on the site, or from scratch



The computers on sale in our Store are not ready for delivery .
Preparation times may vary according to the type of configuration and the availability of components, on average all PCs are shipped in a range from 5 to 15 working days.

DHL guarantees delivery times, for shipments on Italian territory, in about 1-2 working days, while for Europe
3-4 working days, for shipments by air it usually takes 24/48 hours
working hours
, the times may vary according to the place of departure and of


We would like to remind you of the importance of keeping the original component boxes that you received with your computer. This is essential to make use of the legal guarantee. The guarantee is ensured on all individual components installed for a period of two years and covers manufacturing or conformity defects, thus guaranteeing peace of mind and safety when using the computer.


Of course!
If your request complies with the rules you will receive a full refund.

return and replacement

Contact our customer support through the WhatsApp channel to arrange a free PC pickup together.
Our technicians will assemble a new PC and ship it quickly.


Of course you can request a quote by sending an email to , listing your preferences or letting our team of experts help you in personalizing your pc.
Alternatively, fill out the form above, entering your preferences in the Message.
NB For estimates, no loans are accepted, only payments by bank transfer.

All computers are thoroughly tested before shipping to ensure plug & play experience.

High-end computers will be shipped with a separate video card to minimize shipping damage.
NB You will not need to install the GPU drivers as they will be updated prior to shipment by our team of experts.
Contact us for assembly support at the following WhatsApp number 353 335 3291.


You can pay for your computer with any credit / debit card.
All payments are processed through secure platforms such as Stripe or PayPal.

Of course!
You can pay up to 3 convenient installments with PayPal or with Klarna, for a maximum of 2000 euros.
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