Breunor (BREUNOR SRL) is a company specialized in the wholesale and retail trade of IT and electronic products.

Our Core Business is the sale through e-commerce portals, both in its purest form, through our own website or even through Market-Places such as Amazon, Google, etc.

Our experience , accumulated over the years, allows us to present a catalog of selected products just a click away, with the convenience of the best prices on the market and the guarantee of the quality of specialized companies always attentive to new trends.

Our team

One of our strengths is certainly the after-sales assistance phase, in fact our team is made up of IT experts who, even remotely, will be able to guide you in solving every single problem.

The utmost attention that we dedicate to this phase of our activity satisfies one of the fundamental needs for the customer who addresses the online market, namely, the need for security .

This is to say that those who rely on us will be guided in their purchasing experience from start to finish and also in the phase of actual use of the product.

Our products are all guaranteed for two years from the day of purchase.

A thank you goes to all of you who choose us every day, fueling the dream of two boys, who have tried to transform a passion into a job.